They always used to tell me, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too!”, but why not?

A group of friends in a corner of this world, without us knowing decided to include Emad House in their happiness with their creative ideas. What started as cooking and selling Halim for Iftar to donate the proceeds to Emad House, soon was met with a lot of enthusiasm and offers to help, and it ultimately led to project “Koobid-20”, where the group made Koobideh kebab for the Eid el-Fitr.

A family bought tomatoes, butter and charcoal for the grill, and another took the responsibility of buying recyclable disposable plates and rice, and taking group photos of the Koobid-20 team while they were trying to bring the sense of Eid to everyone in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic.

Sunday morning, the backup forces arrived at 8:00, just as promised. The sound of the meat grinder, kebab skewers colliding, and rice boiling. The tripod and the camera are installed and the speakers play pleasant songs.

Standing by the grill at a hot noon, and competing to show off your skills to receive the stamp of approval from the Koobide king of Ottawa.

The kebabs are being transferred to plates and slowly the lovely and generous friends of Emad House arrive. And the smiles that are captured by the camera. Pots run empty and sleeves are rolled up to start washing the dishes. All of this is an excuse to give away, a giveaway in which everyone is a winner. A generous act that includes Iran, Koobideh, children of Emad House, and most importantly, a God who is close by, even in these Corona days far from home.

God bless us all! Amen!

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