They always used to tell me, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too!”, but why not?

A group of friends in a corner of this world, without us knowing decided to include Emad House in their happiness with their creative ideas. What started as cooking and selling Halim for Iftar to donate the proceeds to Emad House, soon was met with a lot of enthusiasm and offers to help, and it ultimately led to project “Koobid-20”, where the group made Koobideh kebab for the Eid el-Fitr.

A family bought tomatoes, butter and charcoal for the grill, and another took the responsibility of buying recyclable disposable plates and rice, and taking group photos of the Koobid-20 team while they were trying to bring the sense of Eid to everyone in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic.

Sunday morning, the backup forces arrived at 8:00, just as promised. The sound of the meat grinder, kebab skewers colliding, and rice boiling. The tripod and the camera are installed and the speakers play pleasant songs.

Standing by the grill at a hot noon, and competing to show off your skills to receive the stamp of approval from the Koobide king of Ottawa.

The kebabs are being transferred to plates and slowly the lovely and generous friends of Emad House arrive. And the smiles that are captured by the camera. Pots run empty and sleeves are rolled up to start washing the dishes. All of this is an excuse to give away, a giveaway in which everyone is a winner. A generous act that includes Iran, Koobideh, children of Emad House, and most importantly, a God who is close by, even in these Corona days far from home.

God bless us all! Amen!


Halim and Barbari

Once again, another lovely and exciting teamwork

One person took charge of providing the meat, another wheat, another flour, another disposable dishes, another cooking, another… and in the end it turned out as you can see.

Now the same people and a group of their friends buy the Halim in support of Emad House. Such goodness and blessings, such simplicity and beauty!

One of the members of this group of friends said, “Since we launched this program, I can eat more easily, without so much grief for those who do not have the same access to the many things that are available to us.”

How wonderful it is to share what we have with others!


Breakfast packages

Preparation of children’s breakfast packages by a group of friends to be sold for the benefit of Emad House
Thank you for this level of creativity and the good vibes that you bring to the residents of Emad House 🙏
Emad House, a home away from home for children in need of bone marrow and organ transplant


Emad’s anniversary

This is the 3rd anniversary of Emad’s passing. We wrote the note below after he left us. If we were to rewrite it today, we’d have to add that the three years after Emad were filled with hope and enthusiasm, thanks to the kindness of kids and moms in Emad House, the lovely presence of our volunteers, and your unsparing support and trust. May we appreciate and be thankful for these blessings.

“A little over a year ago Emad entered this world. He quickly took us with him to places and showed us things we never imagined. We experienced with him a kind of joy, passion, excitement, and love that didn’t fit in our imagination. Because of Emad, we got to know amazing people whom we might have never gotten to know, and even if we got to know them, it wouldn’t have been the same way we do now. With a fragile body, during agonizing times, but with lips that used every excuse to smile, and eyes that would speak of the ‘unspeakable words.’

Emad is no longer with us. On Saturday morning, he became restless and the doctors lost hope of his improvement. They helped Zeinab to hold him. He calmed down. For a moment he looked as his balloons and his eyes turned to their usual enthusiastic look. He remained in Zeinab’s arms, for an hour, until his breathing got slower and slower, calm, quiet, and astonishingly beautiful. And then he became the infinite beauty.

Emad had Down syndrome and a rare heart disease. During this one year and a few days, he spent 7.5 months in hospitals. A little over two months at the end of the spring and summer, and two more months during the fall we had the chance to show him the taste of fresh air, the colors of leaves on the trees, the warmth of the sun, and our dearest friends. And how wonderful that we got to explore, travel, see, and be to the fullest during these few months. We feel sorry that we were not able to show him more of the beauties of our world. Emad, however, generously gifted us from the light, taste, and scent of the purity that he had brought with him -from a place that we don’t know.

Be it during the days when Emad was in hospital, or now that he is no longer among us, many have wished patience for us. We are thankful. But be aware that Emad was not that difficult test of patience and endurance in face of the unwanted. Perhaps those who have seen Emad in person can understand this better. His sweetness would chase away any bad feelings, hopelessness, or fatigue from us. Being with Emad was different, but it didn’t require self-sacrifice or strength. Emad, in his entirety, and with all his qualities, was the most desirable being we had ever seen. We are saddened by his loss, but we are utterly grateful for every day he was with us.

We have strange feelings these days, different from what we imagined, and what you might think. Whatever it is, it has nothing to do with grief or helplessness. It’s more like the feeling you get after returning from a trip you infinitely enjoyed, with people and places you extremely loved. And now you have returned. You don’t have the desire to think about the regularities. Remembering memories, just like looking at the photos and videos of a spectacular trip, does not bring us to tears. Quite contrary, it resurrects the good feelings of our past moments. We’d love to travel to all the places we went with Emad once again, to see all the people we saw with him, and to eat and walk again in all the cafes and restaurants and parks we went with him. I imagine when I look at Emad’s photos 10 years from now, I would still smile. Those were the best days of our lives and we are forever thankful to have experienced them. Whenever we might be depressed by the darkness of the times, or the indolent soul, or the fruitlessness of life, we can look back at these days and console ourselves that this life, with all its shortcomings and disappointments, had these magical days at the very least.

We are infinitely thankful to all of you who thought of us during these days. Each and every call, message, prayer, direct or indirect checking in, visit, and being with us was more support and consolidation for us than you can imagine. Please continue your amazing and kind presence and backing, for anyone around you. It’s much appreciated, even when words can’t thank you enough.

I’ve lost my heart
It was trusted to me
I must find it,
and hold it tight,
in the name of life,
for those who are alive.
And now,
in the green and bright calm
amidst the meadows by your grave,
I greet you once more,
I celebrate a new year, a new spring, a new life.
And your kind voice,
I can hear from far away
and the song of the angels,
who are your new friends.
I entrust you to God
(Poem by Haleh Sahabi)

Emad Arman Shamekhi
April 25, 2016 – April 29, 2017


Isabella’s Birthday

Little Isabella was born a year ago in the United States, a little earlier than the expected date. She spent a month in the neonatal intensive care unit and was able to regain her health with the help of her great doctors and nurses.

Now, on the her first birthday, Isabella’s family asked their friends and family to donate money to Emad House instead of buying a birthday present.

Thanks to this kind family and their dear friends for this wonderful gesture!

Little Isabella, we wish you all the best in the second year of your life ❤️ 🌸🥳